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My annual “spring break for nerds” trip to Austin for the SXSW has a heart that beats at the center of the Driskill Hotel bar.

Driskel Hotel Bar

Driskill Bar

We gather here for late night conversations yielding the most value and percolate for the months following. I anticipate conversations this year will bubble up into three focus areas – Big Data, The Internet of Things and Collaborative Economies. The event proves the market supply and demand opportunities that drive collaborative economies – I booked my stay at Airbnb and will navigate the city with via UberX and a shared bike. The Internet of things driving home, car and health tech are exploding as consumers embrace quantifying and optimizing their daily lives. Together, these two trends are driving the insights and innovation for the startup and corporate worlds through big data. Meet me for a drink after 1 AM to carry on the conversation.

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Thrilled to join the SXSWi OMMA Social panel to talk about the Marketing Implications of Facebook’s Graph Search (SXSWi, MARCH 8, 2013, 3:30 PM AT&T CENTER, AUSTIN, TX).

I am very interested to hear the perspectives offered by the agency and platform experts joining me in this dialogue. The Facebook Graph Search product has been in slow roll out since its announcement five weeks ago; sadly I am still waitlisted! Despite the technical handicap, the fundamentals of object queries, object relationship and keywords have been driving interests of mine since my early SEO days.  Now the added dimension of the Social Graph and Natural Language Processing is where Graph Search gets interesting. Traditional search requires an ongoing alignment of consumer nomenclature and intent to best match queries with content–an ongoing challenge for Marketers.

Graph Search breaks the structured query model and empowers the searcher with a broad understanding of synonyms, slangs, tenses, locations and relationship to understand search intent. This WSJ article does a great job explaining the power of Graph Search and the simplicity of the query structure. So if  you are blessed with the early release of Graph Search, find out which of your homies or friends of your besties will be kicking it with us at SXSWi with me and my friends–Hope to see you there.


Max Kalehoff, VP/Product Marketing, Syncapse;, Contributor, MediaPost


Paul DeJarnatt, VP/Search Director, Starcom USA @Starcom_USA

Peter Fasano, Senior Vice President, Social@Ogilvy @pfasano

Chase McMichael, President, CEO, InfiniGraph @chasemcmichael


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Catching up on a long overdo post from my round-table at SXSWi ’10 hosted by Social Media Club at the Social Media Clubhouse.

What a privilege to join this fantastic crew for a stimulating conversation. I had an impromptu and long crazy taxi ride to the lake house – arriving just minutes before the live stream.  The taxi conversation with my new agency-friend Damon Crepin-Burr (@Damoncb) me to reflect on my last year of global social media marketing strategy and insights with our common global CPG client to prepare for the appropriately timed Sunday talk show style conversation. Fortunately I had read the shelve of books produced by my colleagues in the round. Perhaps the archive of my Twitter stream may qualify me as micro-author :). Someday the book will come …

Have a read of the great post excerpt from Kristie Wells (@kristiewells) and the embedded video below:

What does Maximizing Engagement mean?
Industry experts, gathered (Sunday March 14, 2010) afternoon to share their insights and share examples of brands using the Social Media tools to engage with their customers.

  • David Meerman Scott (@dmscott): Author of The New Rules of Marketing and PR and the new book World Wide Rave
  • Erik Qualman (@equalman): Author of Socialnomics
  • David Carter (@dkrcarter): Founder and CTO of Awareness Inc
  • Chris Heuer (@chrisheuer): Founder Social Media Club
  • Paul Gillin (@PGillin): Author of The New Influencers, Secrets of Social Media Marketing and The Joy of Geocaching
  • Mike Lewis (@BostonMike): VP Marketing @Awarenessinc
  • Brian Solis (@briansolis): Author of Engage and co-author of Putting the Public back in Public Relations
  • me (@pfasano): Social Media Strategist and founder of mass+logic

A couple key takeaways:

  • Paul Gillin: Early findings in a research report he is working on with Awareness finds companies are getting comfortable with the tools and expanding their reach, however, there does not seem to be a standard for determining ROI across any of them.
  • Peter Fasano: Produce content authentically. Do not be who you think you need to be, be who you are.
  • David Carter: Don’t try to use all the tools at once. Start slow and add to your ‘portfolio’ as you can manage. Looks bad if you have an account somewhere, but no one is there monitoring and maintaining it.
  • Chris Heuer: It is not about your time commitment, but about your commitment over time.

DishyMix: Susan Bratton Community Powered Podcast SXSW 0





Had a great time talking with Susan Bratton at SXSWI about Social Media Marketing musings. Her DishyMix podcast is a daily must hear! Thanks for the conversation Susan!

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