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Facebook F8 2017 Highlights for Marketers 0


Watch and listen to my highlights from the 2017 Facebook F8 event.
I have a focused chat about the event these three themes:

AI through Camera.
Facebook enables developers to use AR Studio now to power Facebook Camera and Live interactions with AI tools. Key areas are: Information, Digital Objects, and Enhancement

VR where you want to be.
VR team debuted Spaces for Oculus enabling virtual travel, selfies, and social into the virtual environment. It’s incredibly fun and infinitely creative

Connecting the Enterprise Today
Facebook Workplace moves quietly from beta groups to a robust enterprise-ready collaboration platform to connect your company and partners.

Facebook F8 2017 Conference Highlights from OgilvyRED

Facebook F8 2017 Day 1 0


I’ve attended all F8 events except for year 1. It was a a great look back today on the past 10 years of the product roadmap. I’m so impressed with the product team and massive focus they have had over the past two years.

I pulled some of the key moments of the day in this collection of posts. I’ll sort it out into actual thoughts later.

F82017 Day 1

Lookback: Facebook F8 2016 0


My webinar recap of F8 2016.

  • Messenger and Live Video accelerate through 2017
  • Oculus goes mobile
  • Introducing AI and Bots

Social On Us webinar: F8 & the Facebook of the Future from OgilvyRED

Panel: Marketing Implications of Facebook’s Graph Search 0


Thrilled to join the SXSWi OMMA Social panel to talk about the Marketing Implications of Facebook’s Graph Search (SXSWi, MARCH 8, 2013, 3:30 PM AT&T CENTER, AUSTIN, TX).

I am very interested to hear the perspectives offered by the agency and platform experts joining me in this dialogue. The Facebook Graph Search product has been in slow roll out since its announcement five weeks ago; sadly I am still waitlisted! Despite the technical handicap, the fundamentals of object queries, object relationship and keywords have been driving interests of mine since my early SEO days.  Now the added dimension of the Social Graph and Natural Language Processing is where Graph Search gets interesting. Traditional search requires an ongoing alignment of consumer nomenclature and intent to best match queries with content–an ongoing challenge for Marketers.

Graph Search breaks the structured query model and empowers the searcher with a broad understanding of synonyms, slangs, tenses, locations and relationship to understand search intent. This WSJ article does a great job explaining the power of Graph Search and the simplicity of the query structure. So if  you are blessed with the early release of Graph Search, find out which of your homies or friends of your besties will be kicking it with us at SXSWi with me and my friends–Hope to see you there.


Max Kalehoff, VP/Product Marketing, Syncapse;, Contributor, MediaPost


Paul DeJarnatt, VP/Search Director, Starcom USA @Starcom_USA

Peter Fasano, Senior Vice President, Social@Ogilvy @pfasano

Chase McMichael, President, CEO, InfiniGraph @chasemcmichael


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