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Excellent recap from the 2015 Mobile World Congress.

Mobile World Congress 2015: Full Recap from Ogilvy & Mather

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OMMA Atlanta

#RealTimeSucks is generally true. I was really surprised to achieve alignment with my panel colleagues over the term “Advocate” vs “Influencer.” The fundamentals of Real Time Marketing planning, creating and amplifying were discussed in the session. Thanks OMMA for the event.

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Catching up on a long overdo post from my round-table at SXSWi ’10 hosted by Social Media Club at the Social Media Clubhouse.

What a privilege to join this fantastic crew for a stimulating conversation. I had an impromptu and long crazy taxi ride to the lake house – arriving just minutes before the live stream.  The taxi conversation with my new agency-friend Damon Crepin-Burr (@Damoncb) me to reflect on my last year of global social media marketing strategy and insights with our common global CPG client to prepare for the appropriately timed Sunday talk show style conversation. Fortunately I had read the shelve of books produced by my colleagues in the round. Perhaps the archive of my Twitter stream may qualify me as micro-author :). Someday the book will come …

Have a read of the great post excerpt from Kristie Wells (@kristiewells) and the embedded video below:

What does Maximizing Engagement mean?
Industry experts, gathered (Sunday March 14, 2010) afternoon to share their insights and share examples of brands using the Social Media tools to engage with their customers.

  • David Meerman Scott (@dmscott): Author of The New Rules of Marketing and PR and the new book World Wide Rave
  • Erik Qualman (@equalman): Author of Socialnomics
  • David Carter (@dkrcarter): Founder and CTO of Awareness Inc
  • Chris Heuer (@chrisheuer): Founder Social Media Club
  • Paul Gillin (@PGillin): Author of The New Influencers, Secrets of Social Media Marketing and The Joy of Geocaching
  • Mike Lewis (@BostonMike): VP Marketing @Awarenessinc
  • Brian Solis (@briansolis): Author of Engage and co-author of Putting the Public back in Public Relations
  • me (@pfasano): Social Media Strategist and founder of mass+logic

A couple key takeaways:

  • Paul Gillin: Early findings in a research report he is working on with Awareness finds companies are getting comfortable with the tools and expanding their reach, however, there does not seem to be a standard for determining ROI across any of them.
  • Peter Fasano: Produce content authentically. Do not be who you think you need to be, be who you are.
  • David Carter: Don’t try to use all the tools at once. Start slow and add to your ‘portfolio’ as you can manage. Looks bad if you have an account somewhere, but no one is there monitoring and maintaining it.
  • Chris Heuer: It is not about your time commitment, but about your commitment over time.

140 Characters Conference Panel: Video 0


thanks to David Berkowitz for posting our video session from the first 140 Character Conference in New York City on June 16/17.

“twitter as the GPS for the Greater Social Media Mesh”

Aaron Strout (@AaronStrout) – CMO, Powered, Inc.
Brian Morrissey (@bmorrissey) – Digital Editor at Adweek
David Berkowitz (@dberkowitz) – Emerging Media Director, 360i
Hadley Stern (@hadleystern) – Vice-President, Fidelity Labs
Peter Fasano (@pfasano) – Principal/Lead Catalyst, Mass+Logic

Watch: http://blip.tv/file/2269763

The Characters « 140 Character Conference 0




140 Characters Conference


The Characters « 140 Character Conference.

Very excited to join the the cast of characters at the mega Tweetup in June. I have organized a panel that includes: Aaron Strout, David Berkowitz and Brian Morrissey

Our hypothesis for the conversation is: Twitter as GPS

We are intrigued by the potential that Twitter offers us as a measure of interest and intent unlike other social media channels. We view Twitter as a means of informing us about forward trending or GPS to measure where we will be going. Twitter as a GPS assists us to establish what ripple will evolve into a swell and become a wave. The subsequent swell is the spread across the broader social mesh communicated in the format of those mediums like video, audio and long form journaling. The wave is the maturing of the swell into broadcast media and community conversation. These are the cycles to watch and engage with. Twitter uniquely provides me the ability to dissect the geographies, frequencies, mechanics and level of influence over time to understand the dynamics of conversations. At present, the GPS exists as a loose collection of tools, seeing this as a dashboard in the future. A dashboard that Media professionals will use to measure, realign and engage with their markets; customers, employees, partners, viewers, subscribers, etc …

What are your thoughts?

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