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I am a Bay Area native and now a new New Yorker. In the interim, I earned my stripes in Atlanta and a few boomerang gigs in San Francisco. I have observed and respect the uninhibited spirit of the Bay Area. Ideas born here, do not let obstacles get in the way. Atlanta hustle has a fiercely independent flow and persistence that shapes ideas born in the South. New York is on an entirely different level of hustle – it is outcomes focused, it is serious, ideas from here are purposeful.

It’s 6 PM in San Francisco and rush hour has passed and offices are empty.
It’s 9 PM in New York and the second shift of the grind is getting started.

Sustainable teams need a balance of approaches and resources to get the job done. I am glad to be working in dual mode this week – management and East Coast hustle in the morning and West Coast inspiration afternoons.

Rainy SF today. Glad we had a short walk from Ogilvy SF to visit the Nestlé SVIO.

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Power Of Now: Media and Marketing Take On The Real Time Challenge 0


OMMA Atlanta

#RealTimeSucks is generally true. I was really surprised to achieve alignment with my panel colleagues over the term “Advocate” vs “Influencer.” The fundamentals of Real Time Marketing planning, creating and amplifying were discussed in the session. Thanks OMMA for the event.

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