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Welcome to the Statusphere … 0


The massive growth of the blogosphere has matured  and now transitions to other areas of the social webs. Like the democratization of media so goes social media. Thus the Statusphere is born (Great TechCrunch read)! Who are the influencers and authoritative sources in your communities? How are you measuring? What is the social graph of your current influencers and where are they strongest?

We have been working on a client project looking at social media marketing in their global markets over the past months partnered with a great agency in London, Greenroom Digital. Together we have banged our head on the table many times in debate over
social media measurement and influence. While many of the marketers we have interviewed are taking baby steps to measurement of influence or authority by looking at Technorati ranking or post/comment ratio within their ecosystem – none have taken into consideration the measurement of authority outside the blogosphere. In well executed social media marketing programs, marketers are planning strategy and engagement across the social fabric to include image sharing, social networks, virtual worlds,  music, events, wiki’s, blogs and of course microblogs – see Skittles (not claiming well executed – but is an example of reaching the channels). The decentralization of content distribution, content creation and conversations is a measurement nightmare for sure but not an area to ignore because if is hard.

Giovani Orlando

Any strategist worth their rate should start with listening and qualifying the communities that they will be engaging. Measurement of authority level for community outreach outside blogosphere seems obvious but is rarely done. Relying on the blogosphere or stable of blog ambassadors is good practice but not practical to the dynamics of media today. This is like the old PR agency that maintained the relationships with the reporters of influence so that the key print and TV would pickup your story to potentially earn media exposure. Today, that model has expanded to include key bloggers and niche media but not likely to include the rock stars in Twitter, Facebook, Digg, etc …  There are many ways to approach measurement of authority and the best one comes with time and engagement of your community in your ongoing analysis of your data. Feed your Social CRM with all your campaign data and communication data. The data will help you understand the true profile of your community rock stars and lead you on the path to the statusphere

Stay curious and share your thoughts. 

* Photographer: Giovani Orlando

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