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East Cost – West Coast Hustle 0


I am a Bay Area native and now a new New Yorker. In the interim, I earned my stripes in Atlanta and a few boomerang gigs in San Francisco. I have observed and respect the uninhibited spirit of the Bay Area. Ideas born here, do not let obstacles get in the way. Atlanta hustle has a fiercely independent flow and persistence that shapes ideas born in the South. New York is on an entirely different level of hustle – it is outcomes focused, it is serious, ideas from here are purposeful.

It’s 6 PM in San Francisco and rush hour has passed and offices are empty.
It’s 9 PM in New York and the second shift of the grind is getting started.

Sustainable teams need a balance of approaches and resources to get the job done. I am glad to be working in dual mode this week – management and East Coast hustle in the morning and West Coast inspiration afternoons.

Rainy SF today. Glad we had a short walk from Ogilvy SF to visit the Nestlé SVIO.

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