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It’s been a minute since my last post here. I have been busy balancing the demands of work, thought and life – like most of you. Although I have been silent here, I have been active building a practice at Dachis Group and sharing my thoughts on their Collaboratory – here is the archive of my posts. Please have a read and look for more posts here and there. As for the life part of my absence here – well, I have one less item on my to-do list.

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Serendipity is the only word to describe my +10 years of listening, creating and sharing as a business consultant in the age of social technology.

Serendipity brought me to a brilliant technologist Robert Occhialini (@bump) and his intriguing use of software from UserLand Software and Pyra Labs that challenged my perception about web development, publishing and enterprise software. Serendipity exposed me to visionaries like Tim Berners-Lee (@timberners_lee) via his Semantic Web keynote at XML World ’00, Doc Searls (@dsearls) via the many readings of Cluetrain Manifesto since ‘oo and Jaron Lanier as his UPS driver at VPL Research in the late 80’s and experiencing virtual worlds for the first time. Reflecting on my journey and the network of friends, colleagues and clients – most moving from one lifecycle to the other – so many have seeded my sense of design, systems and social computing.

In reflection of my digital and social journey this decision to join The Dachis Group comes with great clarity. Chance reconnected me with Peter Kim (@peterkim) again from our first interactions in his early Forrester days and his current venture with Jeff Dachis (@jeffdachis) and team. It was the serendipity of SXSWi ’09 that introduced me to Jeff and his nascent business vision of The Dachis Group (@dachisgroup). Shortly after, collaboration with extended Dachis team offered a better understanding of true capabilities and definition of Social Business Design. This brings us to SXSWi ’10 and the anniversary of that first meeting but under much different circumstances – a year of client wins for The Dachis Group and my year of collaborating with “the biggest brand In the world” to launch its social media strategy. We found this intersecting point to be the common alignment of leading enterprise transformation and social business design.

It is with great respect and honor that I leave my current consulting role as a Social Media Marketing Manager at The Coca-Cola Company. I am privileged to have lead global discovery, strategy and delivery of social media product and marketing programs for this amazing organization. With the support of Michael Donnelly (@michaeldonnelly) the executive team, my collaboration with global and regional marketing communities, my wingman Brad Ruffkess (@ruffkess) and a small team of believers – we moved mountains. Over +18 months we went from a social media volume of three to nine worldwide (on a scale of one to eleven). Leading product management and community management of Twitter and YouTube platforms along with strategic input to global and regional social media marketing is the dream job for any social media consultant. This has been a truly unique opportunity to contribute to the operation and execution of the nascent business transformation of this global brand leader. Where does one go from here?

I have accepted this unique opportunity to contribute to the success of The Dachis Group as an Engagement Manager. It is my curiosity for seeking patterns of design within the complexity of the enterprise that drive me. It is the experience I can offer to provide holistic perspective to social computing, business and consumer interaction. It is the reality of preparing business for real-time engagement. It is the right time to join this culture of equally seasoned and passionate people. These factors and many more lead me to alter my course to push greater limits. It is my belief that this group will turn the social business volume to a new level – eleven.

Thanks to all of those that have been part of my journey and to Jeff and Pete for being ready to start our venture. Stay tuned for the chapters to come …

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140 Characters Conference


The Characters « 140 Character Conference.

Very excited to join the the cast of characters at the mega Tweetup in June. I have organized a panel that includes: Aaron Strout, David Berkowitz and Brian Morrissey

Our hypothesis for the conversation is: Twitter as GPS

We are intrigued by the potential that Twitter offers us as a measure of interest and intent unlike other social media channels. We view Twitter as a means of informing us about forward trending or GPS to measure where we will be going. Twitter as a GPS assists us to establish what ripple will evolve into a swell and become a wave. The subsequent swell is the spread across the broader social mesh communicated in the format of those mediums like video, audio and long form journaling. The wave is the maturing of the swell into broadcast media and community conversation. These are the cycles to watch and engage with. Twitter uniquely provides me the ability to dissect the geographies, frequencies, mechanics and level of influence over time to understand the dynamics of conversations. At present, the GPS exists as a loose collection of tools, seeing this as a dashboard in the future. A dashboard that Media professionals will use to measure, realign and engage with their markets; customers, employees, partners, viewers, subscribers, etc …

What are your thoughts?

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