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Going native? Watch John Oliver explain… 0


“Native Ads are like raisins in a cookie…nobody wants them there.” Brilliant perceptive on the trouble with native advertising and the fall of media literacy. Watch John Oliver at work:

What to do with all this data? 0


Thanks to my colleagues in Ogilvy that were so brilliant in creating our #OgilvySXSW content series, This Slideshare comes from my “big data” notes collection.

See you at “spring break for nerds” … 0


My annual “spring break for nerds” trip to Austin for the SXSW has a heart that beats at the center of the Driskill Hotel bar.

Driskel Hotel Bar

Driskill Bar

We gather here for late night conversations yielding the most value and percolate for the months following. I anticipate conversations this year will bubble up into three focus areas – Big Data, The Internet of Things and Collaborative Economies. The event proves the market supply and demand opportunities that drive collaborative economies – I booked my stay at Airbnb and will navigate the city with via UberX and a shared bike. The Internet of things driving home, car and health tech are exploding as consumers embrace quantifying and optimizing their daily lives. Together, these two trends are driving the insights and innovation for the startup and corporate worlds through big data. Meet me for a drink after 1 AM to carry on the conversation.

My take on LinkedIn Influencers 0


Thanks to AdAge for the interview and mention in the article.

90 Days 0



90 days ago I embarked on my journey at Ogivly & Mather. I joined the Social@Ogilvy (@SocialOgilvy) team after examining select social platforms, client side and agency side options against my personal objectives:

  • Lead an Atlanta based team in growth mode as a “player/coach”
  • Access a broad “toolbox” for problem solving and innovation
  • Contribute to a leading global organization and client base

90 days have passed quickly and  the next 90 days will double that perceived speed. I continue to reference those three objectives and know I have made the right choice. I am thankful to my management, business network, Atlanta team and especially my family for their support and encouragement. I am energized by the challenges and inspired by the wisdom of David Ogilvy to bring balance to it all. I am grateful that a mid-career misfit like Mr. Ogilvy had the persistence to build this business. I am thrilled about the next 90 days of learning, coaching, building and selling. Until my next post, have a read of the press announcement of my new role.

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