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  • on 09.12.2012
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90 days ago I embarked on my journey at Ogivly & Mather. I joined the Social@Ogilvy (@SocialOgilvy) team after examining select social platforms, client side and agency side options against my personal objectives:

  • Lead an Atlanta based team in growth mode as a “player/coach”
  • Access a broad “toolbox” for problem solving and innovation
  • Contribute to a leading global organization and client base

90 days have passed quickly and  the next 90 days will double that perceived speed. I continue to reference those three objectives and know I have made the right choice. I am thankful to my management, business network, Atlanta team and especially my family for their support and encouragement. I am energized by the challenges and inspired by the wisdom of David Ogilvy to bring balance to it all. I am grateful that a mid-career misfit like Mr. Ogilvy had the persistence to build this business. I am thrilled about the next 90 days of learning, coaching, building and selling. Until my next post, have a read of the press announcement of my new role.

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