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Thinking about the social data and content… 0


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SXSW: Native Uprising: Is Content The New Advertising? 0


Just found this video of my panel at OMMA SXSW.

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Power Of Now: Media and Marketing Take On The Real Time Challenge 0


OMMA Atlanta

#RealTimeSucks is generally true. I was really surprised to achieve alignment with my panel colleagues over the term “Advocate” vs ”Influencer.” The fundamentals of Real Time Marketing planning, creating and amplifying were discussed in the session. Thanks OMMA for the event.

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SXSW: What to do with all this data? 0


The Ogilvy crew did an amazing job of developing this series of Slideshare posts from SXSW.

This is mine: What to do with all this data?

Notes from the OMMA at SXSW series.


What To Do With All This Data? #SXSW #OgilvySXSW from Ogilvy & Mather

What to do with all this data? 0


Thanks to my colleagues in Ogilvy that were so brilliant in creating our #OgilvySXSW content series, This Slideshare comes from my “big data” notes collection.

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